Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday 30 August

Today's guest blogger is Robbo. I know some of you will be disappointed and I could not be informative as Leanne, but I will try my best.

The trip could be subtitled "Tours of the smallest bathrooms of the world". They are so small that you have to open the door to burp. Well it is not the burping that you have to worry about though. Me only, of course.

Today we walked everywhere! We started through Kensington Gardens which then lead into Hyde Park.
There were heaps of people running, walking and riding. It was very pleasant indeed.

Leanne is standing outside Marble Arch which is at the north east corner of Hyde Park.
Then it was off to do some shopping along Oxford Street and the rest of the Monopoly board. Below is Regent Street.
We decided to try and get tickets to The Lion King tonight and we were in luck, but looking at the seating plan I think we are seated somewhere between Manchester and Edinburgh. No wonder they were cheap. I will need my hearing aid working well tonight!
We bought a few things but Selfridges was too dear for us. There were people everywhere throughout the day. We are having a short rest now (5pm our time) before we take a ride on the Tube to Coventry Garden Station which leaves a very short walk to the Lyceum Theatre. It is only a 5-10 minute stroll to Bayswater Station. This is a great location and handy to everything.
Above is Picadilly Circus which is right next to the West End where all the theatres are located. I counted about 20 musicals to choose from. Leanne will provide the review of the show tomorrow.
Not too many photos today as they would have mainly been of cash registers in shops.

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