Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2 Wandering Epsomites take on a new journey

Well, here we are sitting at Tullamarine, ready for our next OS adventure.  This time, it is just the two of us taking on the world (Europe and England at least).
With an eye for a bargain, we got the cheap flights, departing Tullamarine at 2.40 am.  In fact, it is the last flight out for the evening with the next one at 6.40 am.  It has already been a long day, the Robbos are still up at 1.20am as I type this. The Epsom crew will know that it is a long time since that has happened!
 We are not alone, the flight to Dubai will be about 3/4 full.
Nicola, take comfort knowing that there are plenty of other people in a whole variety of jobs working the night shifts as well!
As we while away the hours trying to stay awake, it's people watch, or try to work out what these unusual sculptures represent.  Any suggestions?  They do look quite good, even if they don't mean anything.

Actually, 1 is titled Journey West and the other Journey North.

We will arrive in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening about 8pm after short stops in Kuala Lumper and Dubai.  No doubt ready for a shower and a good sleep.

We are doing the waiting game again, having arrived in KL at 8.30 am local time.  Only about 1 hr 25min. wait here.
Flight to here was good, but it is always difficult to sleep on a plane. Heather, those noise reducing headphones are great. They make it so much quieter.  Thanks heaps.  Nicola, on your recommendation, I watched Saving Mr Banks.  It was a lovely movie.  Emma Thompson was great.

Now waiting to board at Dubai Airport.  It is 2 pm local time.  Got the upgrade from KL to Dubai to exit row seats.  Much more comfortable, especially when economy was full for this part of the journey.
I watched 12 years a slave.  A brutal, sad story but worth watching.  This airport is massive and quite spectacular.  Good air conditioning here.  Fortunately, as the outdoor temperature is 41o.

Finally have made it to Amsterdam, as did our luggage. Always a relief. Caught the taxi from the airport. Very comfy ride as most taxis here are Mercedes Benz.  After so many hours travelling, we couldn't be bothered dealing with trains or buses.

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