Monday, October 21, 2013

Farewell to Fraser

After our last visit to Eli Creek on Saturday afternoon with half the Island (parking spots at a premium).  

It was back to finish off  packing and cleaning.  Hard at it!
 Colin and RM tried their hand at fishing in the light of the full moon (made no difference as they didn't get a bite).  
Finished off all the scraps for dinner (tacos/burritos).

Rise and shine at 4.30 am.  Not quite daylight, but not far away.  A quick bite to eat, final packing, rubbish to the tip and off we go about 5.20.  The tide was reasonably high, but we had no problems.  As it was early, not much traffic about, but we did see on a dingo.  He just watched us while we took photos and the trotted off.

We were always going to be at the barge point early to avoid the high tide.  The drive inland was a little more leisurely than last Sunday as we were in no hurry.  We still managed to pull up at the barge point at 7.00.  
The barge was not until 9am.  We were well prepared, out come the bowls, spoons, cereal, milk, kettle, burner etc for part 2 of breakfast.  
After a few minutes, we all realised we were swatting at what seemed like non existent things, until we discovered what sand flies look like.  Tiny, pin head sized nasties.  They were everywhere.  Out came the bushman's repellant.  Too late for all of us.

We were soon entertained not long after by the stream of "Father and sons" from a local primary school at Maryborough.  There were 72 in their group who had been camping for the weekend.
Some of the dads were fine examples for their sons.  Get out of their car, light up a roll your own, and crack a xxxx gold at 8am!  Not to mention that quite a few looked like they could have been wearing the same clothes that they had on on Friday arvo when they arrived.
Once on the barge (which was 30 minutes late), the Captain goes through the standard safety procedures on board.  He then welcomes the kids back on board and reminds them that they are not to run anywhere on board. He goes on to say (and I quote) "I told you this on Friday afternoon and you didn't take notice and your fathers didn't give a shit either". Huge laughter from the rest of the travellers on board!

Back on shore, and a quick changeover of cars and gear.  We far welled Colin and Glenda at this point.  We got to Palm Beach about 3.30, not long after Helen and Russell.  
Nicola and Loren were due to fly in about 8pm. Unfortunately, Loren missed the flight.  After some panic, tears etc, another flight was arranged and she arrived at 9am this morning.  She stayed with a friend in Melbourne overnight.

Some time spent on the beach this morning, which is a short stroll up the path.  
After lunch, we went for a drive to Surfers Paradise.  The growth in this whole coastal area has continued since we were here last in 1999.  At the moment, a tram line in being put in along the Gold Coast highway.  It will be fabulous for local and tourists.  The population must be huge.  The roads are very congested, so the trams will ease some of this.

This is the final blog for this trip.  3 more nights here, then somewhere in NSW (not near any fires) and on to Wodonga on Friday night to stay with friends.  Home on Saturday.

Cheers for now!

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