Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday on Fraser

We are now drawing to the end of our time on Fraser Island.  It is now Saturday morning and we start the cleaning/packing process today.
Yesterday, we spent some time lolling around the house.  
After an early lunch, we headed out the back of Happy Valley to another inland lake. 
 Lake Garawongera.  

Advice at the shop said that if we were capable of getting to Lake Mackenzie the other day, then we would have no problems.  The track was pretty good apart from a number of tree roots protruding through the track.  It was also a bit narrower as the tourist buses and short stay visitors, don't visit this area. 
The lake was very pretty.  It was peaceful, only two other groups there, but they left not long after we arrived.  Selfie! below
We had our own private lake.  It would have been great to have had the kayak to travel across the lake as it was just so smooth and serene.
The water temperature was great, but the colour of the water was unusual. It was brown and clear, just like swimming in a cup of black tea!
Some relax time here was nice.  Some managed to close their eyes even!

Cam and Di, we did find a great walking track around the lake for you.  Only problem is, the lake was just too full.  Heaps of rain early in the year filled it to an extremely high level.  It may take quite some time for the track to be useable.
On our return, we were going to take a different route home, but after some backtracking, we discovered the road was closed.  At this point Col got to lead, although he had been very content to follow the leader for the rest of the trip.  
He was stressing a little if he met anyone coming the opposite direction as there were not many passing opportunities. We did not meet a vehicle on the way in, but lo and behold, he meets a vehicle.  Fortunately, about 50 metres back, there was a cutaway area, so Col backed up and the other vehicle pulled in, and off we went.  The only traffic for the rest of that trip.

Our evening was spent at the local bistro where we had dinner.  
The place had a big outdoor area which was very nice with the sea breeze blowing through.  
A very pleasant evening had by all.  The management were pleased that we had supported them.  This place has only reopened in the past few months. There is only a limited amount of traffic coming through, with some times of the year quieter than others. It is good that we have left some money on the island. I think Col still has to put in some fuel.  That will help the community!

This morning, we have headed for walk down the boardwalk to the beach.  We have spotted something in a pile on the path.  Initially, we thought somebody had dropped something.  On closer inspection, we discovered it was some wildlife having breakfast.  
The python was in the early stages of devouring a fruit bat!  
After RM assuring us that it couldn't do much else, we walked past and continued on down the beach.  
On our return, it was still there, and likely to be there for a couple more hours.  Possibly bit off more than it could chew.  Big brave Col was not using a stun gun!  He was just placing his go pro camera close by.

We have a very early start tomorrow.  The barge leaves at 9 but we are leaving here at 5.30.  We need to get through the beach before high tide.  As it is a full moon tonight, the tide will be higher than usual. Everything will be packed tonight and just a few things to throw in tomorrow.  Breakfast will be whilst we are waiting for the barge.

Stay tuned for the final Fraser Island instalment when we are on the mainland.


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