Sunday, October 13, 2013

A short boat ride to Fraser Island

Hi everybody.  Good news.  We have arrived at our destination in one piece.  Even the eggs remained intact, amazingly.  (When we crack them, they may already be scrambled though!)

In some fairly windy and choppy conditions, the ferry managed to drop the draw bridge (after a couple of attempts as the current was strong), it was a quick drive on (usually reversed on for a quick get away on the other side).
 The crossing was good, very pretty. Not rough at all.  At our destination, it was reverse off, then it was on.  RM, leading the way, was keen to go as we were second off the ferry, with Col and Glenda behind.  When  leading off the ferry, you don't want to hold up the traffic.  
RM put the foot down and Col tried hard to keep up, but these sand tracks were a new experience for Col.  Even RM had to admit that the tracks were a little rougher than he had previously driven on over here. There were a couple of "Holy Sh....t" moments. I think the other car had a few more moments and some slightly more colourful language.  To quote Glenda "I wish RM would f#+£ slow down!"  There were some serious depressions on the track and things did get tossed about.  Even the Landcruiser seemed to bottom out at times.  RM did a great job driving, one handed most of the time, having driven those tracks numerous time in his younger days.  

Cam and Di, the Santa Fe would not have cut the mustard, so just as well you couldn't make it.  The tracks are in rough condition as it has been very dry here.

Colin was pretty relived to make it to Eurong when we then started along the beach.  Much smoother going, but more traffic to contend with.  Speed limit along the beach is 80km, but some areas are 40km.  Important to drive to the conditions.

We got to our accommodation about 12.30.  Very impressed.  We shall be very comfortable for the week.  The house is in a small village called Happy Valley.  It is actually a fenced community. There is a need to keep out the dingos.  This village is about 150 metres from the beach.  It has a bar/bistro and a general store, which sells lots of supplies.  Will have dinner at the bistro one night.

After unpacking and a late lunch, a walk ensued along the beach.  Glenda was keen to feel the sand between her toes!  A little later in the afternoon, we got the cars going again for a quick trip to Eli Creek (about 6 km from here) and the shipwrecked "Maheno". This boat was wrecked in 1935. It has detoriated significantly over the years.  Helen and Russell had climbed over it and fished off it on previous trips.  Now, you can't get closer than 3 metres.  
Eli Creek is one of the many creeks that flow out of the land into the sea.  It is a beautiful creek and clear, fresh water. You can drink it, it is that pure.

Today's funny story has to be about our trip to Eli Creek.  This is a reasonable size creek  that you need to cross to get further down the beach.  RM slowed down and crossed safely as did Colin. I imagine Glenda may have had her feet in the air at this stage!
 Water up to the running boards (or higher). We pulled up on the other side to have a wade along the creek.  It was then noticed that RM's front number plate was hanging by one screw.  Colin's had been bent forward.  The force of going through the water had done it.  But they weren't alone, as near by were 2 other number plates that had been found.

RM threw the fishing line in for a while while we retired back to the house. No fish to report. 
Whilst walking along the beach, we did see a stingray in the shallow surf, very hard to see in the photo though.  The crab is a little easier to see.

Not sure yet on our plans for tomorrow.  But no doubt it will include some more beach driving.
 Find out from the next post.  We do have good mobile reception so the blog should be a regular feature. Stay tuned.

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