Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rest day in Hervey Bay

The crew arrived about 5 last night, a tad weary after 25 hours since they left the day before.
They had a good run up, no wildlife or any other incidents to report.  Just as well as poor Colin and Glenda had enough trouble with their car in the lead up to departure.

So today has been some rest and recovery (although RM and Col didn't think that the hour walk this morning resembled resting!). Then important duties like washing and creating the shopping list- a week's shopping for 6 adults is no easy or cheap task. Many bags of shopping later, we think we have enough to get us through. If not, we shall be able to buy some staples over there, but at a cost.  Below is what our food supply looks like stacked up on the luggage trolleys. There is other stuff as well.  Not sure where it is all going to fit!  All will be revealed tomorrow.

Other photos include the wedding party that was leaving our building in the classic cars, Glenda and RR on the pier, Hervey Bay beach and RR and I on our balcony.

Our departure tomorrow is on the 10.15 ferry/barge.  We shouldn't have too much trouble making that one.  The sun is up at a bit after 5 am so not easy to sleep in.  I'm sure we will be ready bright and early.
Not sure when the next post will be, but keep looking.  

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