Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 5

Today (Thursday) RR and I decided not to go with the others on the drive to Sandy Cape.  
A fair portion of the drive was on the beach, but a few sections were on Sandy tracks that were more rugged than had been encountered previously.  They had a couple of near dramas of getting bogged and RM finishing 6 inches from a head on along the rough track.  But otherwise unscathed.  A steep climb from the parking area up to the lighthouse nearly did Col and RM in, with the girls streeting ahead and offering no sympathy. They did spot a dingo on the beach, much to Glenda's delight.  She now accepts that there is one dingo living on the Island.  They stopped at the other small villages of Orchid Beach and Cathederal Beach along the way.
Russ and I had a very pleasant relaxing day, walking around the village, and spent some time sitting in a little creek, just watching the world go by.  The photos below show some of the tracks and houses through the village, and also the electrified dingo grid.
At times, it was a very busy world with many vehicles coming into Happy Valley for supplies, lunch, morning or afternoon tea.  Diesel $2.15 and unleaded $2.10
Most of the tag along tours (an organised 4wd tour where the participants drive, but with a leader, usually 4 or 5 vehicles together) stop here for a break.  They are usually aged under 25 in these groups, many internationals in these groups.
This village is home to the Island' ambulance and a fire station.  Shelley, perhaps Luke should apply for Fraser Island paramedics position!
A game of cards ensued last night, so we managed to make it to after 10 o'clock.
RM and Colin went off fishing at 6.30 am this morning.  Colin managed to catch one.  Just as well we weren't relying on the big catch for tea.

Cheers for now

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