Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 2 on Fraser Island

Our day began with the sun rising at about 5.10am.  Some fool (who shall remain nameless) was up at 4.30 to head off fishing just before the sun rose.  A couple of hours later RM returned with a good sized flathead (50cm at least) and a tailor.  He had another dabble during the day, caught 4 dart that he threw back, (although he thinks it was the same one biting each time).  He and RR had another go late in the day on the high tide.  A few more tailor caught by RM and another dart which was thrown back (probably the same one as earlier in the day who was after a good feed).  A feed of fish for tea tonight.

We headed off in the vehicles again with a packed lunch, north bound up the beach passed the Pinnacles, to Indian Head, then to Champagne Pools.  Some very pretty spots.  
The tide was low as we headed off, a pretty easy ride up the beach on the firm sand.
 A couple of tricky parts, crossing Eli Creek again and up a very sandy path to Indian Heads.  
There was some serious sand to contend with.  It was important to get a good run up and to keep going.  Before Indian Head, we learned how to collect pippis.  On the low tide, there are small mounds in the sand.  You dig down with your hand or scoop and dig out the pippi.  Some people cook them.  Here, they make cheap bait!
A group of young tourists in the "Tag Along" troupe (4 vehicles) had some trouble getting through the Indian Head Pass and managed to get stuck. In each vehicle they had at least 8 people.  Everybody out to push.  They pushed the vehicle backwards to start again, then all piled in to try again.  They got going, but got stuck again.  As we were watching, we suggested pushing but the passengers not getting back in.  7 people creates a lot less weight. So all the girls pushed and the male driver managed to get through!

We had a walk to the top of Indian Head.
It was a steep climb on some rugged terrain, but it is quite spectacular as you get a view north and south. From there, we spotted turtles and manta rays in the water. 
There was a large group of keen fisher people waiting at Indian Head for the fish to start biting.  They were having a quiet drink whilst waiting for the high tide.  It was going to be a long day as that was due about 4.30 and it was only 10.30
Champagne pools was a little disappointing.  The tide was a little low and the pools were filled with a lot of sand, but still very pretty.  At a higher tide, the waves crash over the pools and it looks like frothy champagne.  On our way back to the car, we spotted one brave (or stupid) soul surfing. Was that a shark near him? Not sure.  The surf/ beach looks great but can be treacherous and there is plenty of marine life. 
We couldn't stay for a higher tide as that made it more difficult to get back along the beach.  Driving in the soft sand is more challenging and harsher on the fuel economy!

We headed back to the Maheno wreck where we had a lovely lunch on the beach.  What had started as a very overcast day, turned out to be very bright and sunny.  Maybe a few ladies got slightly colored on the shoulders.  
After lunch, there was more fishing to be had, ball games on the beach, planes to land on the beach, rays to spot in the shallow surf, dolphins and whales to see, not to mention more swimming at Eli Creek.  
Contender for laziest person of the day was spotted at Eli Creek.  He had his chair in the creek, soaking up the sun, with his wife/partner bringing him his drinks.  She might wake up to the real world one day!
On our return, Col handed the keys to Glenda to give her a go at driving.  From all accounts, she did a fine job! You go girl!
Not far from Happy Valley, we spotted a couple of whales frolicking about a few hundred metres offshore.  Marine life is amazing.
Another feast was had for dinner, including fish as fresh as you can get. Another day ending in a special place in the world.  
Some photos to enjoy.

Fresh water to contend with above and uneven terrain below.
This one reminds us of the TV "unbreakable " ad.

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