Friday, September 9, 2016


Wednesday was always going to be a very hot day so, not a great deal was planned.
We started with a leisurely walk around the lake.
The lanes and pathways are covered with blackberries.  They aren't sprayed over here on public land. Only on private land.  They were are beautiful.
A fascinating spider web on our walk.

The view across the lake back at the villa, the one on the left.

A swim in the pool was required after the walk. Perspiration was pouring off us.  

A casual lunch followed by a drive to a local village.  It is like many villages in France, but a bit more modern than some.  We did manage to get lost more than once , much laughter at our predicament at times. A beautiful view in the village of the valley of Artez de Bearn.

It was another swim on our return, about 36o. A few leisurely hours in the pool followed by a relaxing dinner.
Today, Thursday, we went for a drive into the Pyrenees.  Our plan was to go on a gondala and then a mountain train near Lurenz. Unfortunately the weather was quite ordinary. The train wasn't operating and the gondala only had visibility to 50m from the start.  It didn't seem worth it as we wouldn't have seen anything.  Oh well.

We had some lunch in a village and drove around the countryside.  On the tourist route, we found several wineries.  We stopped at one, we were greeted by a little old man, about 90ish.  He spoke no English, and our French is not much better. But he managed to work out we were happy to try his wines, communicated to us that their wines were organic.  Very nice wines and cheap, so we obliged and bought some.

A pleasant day with some memorable comments.  One being from Jess, who was driving, and had been on the same route on Monday with Rod and Yvonne.  When asked were we on the right route, Jess replied, yes, he recognised the house with the flag from Monday.  Only for the road to end abruptly in 50m. Jan's comment was, all the houses have French flags!

Dinner tonight is in Pau, where we will have a look around the old town.

Off to San Sebastián tomorrow.  We aren't leaving till the afternoon as we can watch the footy here.  It will be 12 pm here when it starts. San Sebastián is only 1.5hrs away.
Go Cats.


  1. Hi Leanne, looks so relaxing - wish it was warm enough here to swim. We are home now and it has been raining cats and dogs . We have 64 mls in the rain gauge but the sun is out this afternoon.