Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Farewell Paris - Hello Doazon

Hi all.  It was a full day of travel with a few trains to contend with to get to Orly Airport.  The weather was cool, but comfortable.
Our plane took us to Pau, south of France, near the Pyrenees. Jan and Jess met us at the airport.  It's about a 20 min drive to the villa owned by friends of Jan and Jess.  Rod and Yvonne were at Uni with Jess.  They bought this villa about 18 months ago and restoring it to former glory.  What they have do so far is impressive.  
Our room
Yvonne's brother and his wife are here, with their daughter from London and her two young children,
Yvonne's sister, and another couple of their friends from Sydney as well as us.  Just as well it is a big villa (6 bedrooms/bathrooms). 
It was pretty hot when we arrived, so a dip in the pool, overlooking the lake, was very welcome.
Rod and Yvonne have been very keen to engage with the locals since buying this place.  So last night was a BBQ for neighbours, the mayor, and the couple who manage the place.  I think 22 people in all.

Some of the locals could speak a no/little English, some a lot, including young Claire (17) next to me at dinner, who had a remarkable likeness to Nicola at that age.  She was quite keen to practise her English.

Needless to say I didn't get the blog done last night.
I'm laying in bed this morning completing it. The view.  Needed to sleep with window open all night.

 Sun has arisen, so time to get up, it's going to be a hot one 36o.

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  1. Looks tres tres jolie. Don't know if that's right. Great to see you enjoying yourselves . Say hello to everyone from us