Sunday, September 4, 2016

Farewell Loire Valley, Hello Paris

It is Saturday and farewell to the Loire Valley and our barge crew.  All packed and waiting for the bus to return us to Paris

While waiting, we wandered to the 7 locks of Rogny.  Built in the 1600s and used for 250 years, 7 locks, quite small, but were able to move boats from quite a height.  A walking tour last night and the daylight view.

Onto Paris.  The bus was a luxury coach, more room than a plane and a vast improvement on the mini bus that took us to the barge with struggling ac in hot conditions.  A pleasant ride back to Paris.
Farewell to our fellow cyclists and into Gare du Nord station.  A little daunting. It's a huge station.  Gots some tickets from the machine, multiple languages, a little help from information, and we were on our way.  A change of trains, (not too many stairs at the station, but a few), but got to our destination ok.  A little back tracking to find our air BnB.  As luck would have it, our host was just arriving so perfect timing.  Now Helen, you would not like the lift up to our apartment on the 6th floor.  It really is just for 2 people. Photo tomorrow.  I'm not that keen about it either.
Our apartment is great.  Has everything we need, have already done 2 loads of washing.
Compact, but all we need.  In fact it is huge compared to the shoe box of the last week.
Kitchen, laundry below.  This hasn't been renovated yet, but the rest is really nice.

A little bit of wandering around shows we are in a great location. 5 mins walk from the Eiffel Tower
Took ages to get a good selfie.  Still pretty poor.  Had fun trying .
We also had fun trying to get out of our apartment.  It is a lovely apartment.
We headed out, it was down the lift through 1 security door, then we couldn't get out the next door.  Fortunately a 12 yr old resident arrived and she showed us.  Push the security button on the wall then slide the bolt.  We would have got it eventually.  There are 2 codes to get in, so feeling secure.  Because of the heat, we have the windows open. 6th floor so we should be secure.  If someone climbs in our bedroom overnight, I'm sure they will trip over our luggage first and break something!  
We have been out for dinner, it is a fantastic location, just around the corner from a fabulous, energetic eating strip.  It reminds us of Brunswick, Lygon St, Sydney Rd.  Lots of eateries, with lots of apartment living.
More photos tomorrow.  Bon Soir

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