Monday, September 12, 2016

San Sebastián. Sunday

Last night, before dinner, we went for a walk to Mt Urguell. It overlooks La Concha beach and out to the Bay of Biscay. What stunning views. It was a good workout before dinner.  
I will let the photos do the talking.

It was getting dark on our descent, so chose the ashphalted path instead of steps.
Back into the Old quarter for dinner, you guessed it, pintxo and wine.  Loving it.

We got some things yesterday in the morning yesterday at the Supermarket which was closed on Friday and today.  Very busy. Below shows one of the freezer sections.  You fill your bag with what you want.  Loose calamari, frozen chips, fish.  You only buy what you need. Great idea.  Apparently the houses only have small fridges, so they shop virtually everyday for fresh.  Next to the supermarket is a great fresh produce area, meat, fish, cheese, fruit, veggies, breads etc.
Not sure what is on the right below

Last night , the celebrations continued in San Sebastián. The locals do like to party into the wee hours.
This morning at about 9, the streets were quiet except for the 8 band members passing along the street playing merry wake up tunes.  Tin whistles, drums, clarinet. Really nice.
It was a call to arms, I think, because by the time we headed out about 9.45, there were people everywhere, all heading toward La Concha beach.
The festival of something continues. Today was the last day of boat races for the season.  Row boats, we think with 12 rowers.  It's a bit like the spring racing carnival in Melbourne. Picnic tables, wine, bread, cheese, meats, olives, you get the drift. People were propped along the promenade or any vantage point to spend the day watching the boats race. Photos of that later.  
We are heading to the funicular railway to take us to the top of Mt Igueldo, right of Russell's head.
Jan on the funicular railcar.
Stunning views across to Mt Urguell which we climbed last night.
Notice the gap in the bay.  That's where the boats race through.  The boats on the outer are spectators.

People line the balconies to watch the races.  There is radio coverage, 2 helicopters are providing tv cover and thousand and thousands surround the bay watching. 

Atop this mountain is an amusement park for younger children.  This waterwheel generates a water flow to push little boats around for kids. It's a boat ride with a view.

The temp today is about 23o but thousands are in swimming.

After lunch back at the ranch, deal with some washing, then off to the beach for a swim. 
Whilst having lunch, there was marching, cheering, chanting in the streets.  Very peaceful protests perhaps, or just celebrating Basque patriotism.  
Russ and I enjoyed a swim, whilst Jan and Jess strolled along the beach.  The water temp was great.  Yesterday the bay was very flat, but today it was waves rolling in. Fantastic for boogie boards (if we had them) but still great fun.  
We grabbed an ice cream across the road from the beach, by the time we walked back to the apartment, we had only just finished eating it.  We are that close.

A few random snaps from our time here.

Our clothesline.  Out the window, into a communal alcove, 4th floor.  Careful not to drop anything.
Our street

It is a beautiful location when the weather is nice.  We have been so lucky, just perfect for our time here.  Tomorrow is forecast to be 35o. A little warmer.  We move tomorrow to Bilbao, only about 120km away, also near the beach.  
Buenos tardes.  (Don't know it in Basque)

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