Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another day in Hoi An

Hi all, if you are reading this, it is a good sign. I cannot see the finished product after I have posted the blog. Some technical issues it would seem.
I got your email yesterday Irene. Thanks for that. Somebody let me know if you are still able to read the blog. I can't see any post replies either.

Last night's meal at the Cargo Club was very nice. Will try a seafood Place down along the beach tonight. About a 15 min walk along the beach. Probably quicker along the road.
Spent the morning in Hoi An. Russell had a fitting for the shirts he has had made. Then back later to pick them up. Very good fit. They weren't the cheapest but Russell wanted good cotton. They look good.
The food market was interesting. People everywhere buying for themselves or their restaurants or food stalls. All sorts of meats (not much wasted from the animals) and fish, fresh, smoked, dried, salted, however you want it. Fresh fruit and vegies in abundance. Very noisy, smell pretty good really. It was a bit quieter in the streets as it is Sunday. It did not stop the locals trying to make a dollar (or a dong). They were at you all the time.
Good taxi driver back today. He had a sister living in Melbourne and he was going to visit her soon.
It was very humid today, although no rain. Have been lucky so far. Only had two days with any rain. Both in Saigon.
Constantly perspiring though.
We wandered down to the seafood place on the beach. We went to #9. Four from Perth there and they highly recommended it. No one else there. All the other places empty. It was nice with the sea breeze. Seafood was fresh. Sold as live fish. We got to see the poor critters as we walked in.
The huge beach resorts are very quiet. We are told it is still the low season.
We head off tomorrow with our guide, Huong, for Hue for 2 nights stopping at various sights along the way.
Chat to you all from there.

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