Friday, October 12, 2012

We have arrived.

Had a fabulous flight on Singapore Airlines airbus A380 to Singapore. Very spacious, smooth ride and quiet. Managed some sleep ( some more than others ). Got to HCMC about 11 local time (4 hours behind EDST). Man waiting with sign for Mr Russell, Mr Shelley and Mr Mosetter. Amazing drive to hotel! Have seen the traffic on tv but to experience the mayhem of it was mind blowing. Scooters and motorbikes by the thousands going all over the place. About to go and experience it on foot.


  1. Have fun! Haha Shelley would have loved that! I'm sure you all would have got a kick out of that! Has Richie won the award yet? (I was putting my money on him to get it first). Enjoy and cannot wait for money happy snaps

  2. Have fun... Impressed with the use of technology.