Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BBQ Garden not so good after all!

It would seem that, whilst dinner was great last night, it had some consequences. Russ M spent a fair portion of the night in the bathroom heading north and south. Russ R started the day with some southward action. So we farwelled Saigon and off we headed to the Mekong Delta with a few clenched cheeks! After a while, it became apparent that RR was not going to make it to the first "happy house" (Ve's description of the loos). So the bus was pulled over by the road, out sprints RR with loo paper in hand to allow nature to do what it was demanding! Fortunately he had a good view of the rice paddies and none of us were going to be watching! RM said he was pretty close to joining him roadside but didn't want to cramp his style. He managed to hold on to the next stop! RR was just relieved he didn't ...... himself.
On we travelled to Cat Bie for our first boat ride where we stopped at a family business who make candy, rice cakes, rice paper, snake wine (passed on this one despite it's alleged health benefits).
Sampled a few of the other products. Next stop was a 5th generation owned mansion. This family used to own extensive amounts of land around the Mekong. Short musical performance there. Back on the boat to another family home where we had an impressive lunch. It included Elephant ear fish which we cut off and wrapped it in rice paper to make our own rolls. RR couldn't face lunch so he lay down on the hammock near by for a snooze. RM
ate a bit but it was a struggle for him. From there, it was onto a row boat as the tide was too high for our other boat. It was really much more pleasant than the noisy motorboat. Richie convinced the lady rower, that he could do it. He did a pretty good job too.
The motorboat found another way around to avoid the bridge, and met us down stream to return us to the bus. Into Can Tho for an overnight stay. It is a super high tide (happens each lunar month) and main roads are flooded everywhere, including the boardwalk across the road from our hotel. Lucky we are up on the 5th floor!
RR feeling a bit better, RM still pretty ordinary. Shelley and I feeling a bit ordinary, but nothing too bad at this stage. (now 8 pm). We will see how the night pans out. Very quiet night planned.
Another boat ride in the morning to take in the Floating Markets before we head back to Saigon for an evening flight to Nha Trang.
We are getting wifi each night it would seem. Great to hear comments on my blog. Still getting emails as per usual so keep us updated of any local news.

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