Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today is Thursday I think

Very easy to lose track of time. We had a relaxing day here yesterday in Nha Trang. It is an upmarket beach resort. Very different from Saigon and the Mekong. No where near as much traffic, but still plenty of scooters. There aren't as many street vendors as Saigon but plenty of people wanting to give you a lift somewhere, either cycle, scooter or taxi.
There are a lot of tourists here, mostly European, particularly Russians. Apparently the Russians took over the US military base here after the war. Since then, the Russians have invested heavily here. Many of the restaurants here have a Russian/English menu. Also quite a few groups of men holidaying (presumably without partners). Probably don't need to expand on that comment.
RR took in a massage (in the hotel) yesterday. Vietnamese massage which included some light cupping. Reckons it was great, although shows signs of it in the photo below.
Laundry needed to be dealt with yesterday. Grabbos got burnt using hotel service. $44. Mozzies and us used the service around the corner. 60,000 vnd ($3) for 2.5 kg! We got the bargain today. We are taking it in turns to get ripped off on something!
One drawback of Vietnam so far is literally that - smokers everywhere including restaurants. We anti smokers just have to suck it up!
Dinner last night was at the "Why Not". Very cheap - garlic prawn bruschetta (on a full baguette) and stirfry beef, veg. and noodles plus a drink and a tip for service, cost $7.50 each. No side effects from the food, all good today. Although it was a bit of a worry about the group next door using the bong! I didn't see medicinal herbs on the menu. Perhaps that was written in Russian.
Strolled around the streets last night after dinner and through the night market. Everywhere a market!
The breakfast here at the Novotel is great. The waist line is probably expanding! Hard work required at the gym when we return.
Another swim this morning. Surf beach but big waves break very close to the beach. Richie probably already has gravel rash from his body surfing. Water temp is great. It is easy to stay in for ages.
Helen, RR and I took a taxi to the Cham Towers. An ancient religious site. There were 8 towers but now only 4. (bit like the 12 Apostles). Quite impressive and still used as Buddist sites of prayer. They are high up on a hill and good view of the local river and back to NhaTrang central. Spotted the strict occupational/ health and safety regulations being followed! See photo.
When we flew in on Tuesday, we could see the bright lights of the squid boats out at seas. Today we could see them moored. No doubt sleeping crew, getting ready for another big night.
Just had lunch. May catch the cable car over to Vinpearl Is.
Off to Hoi an tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like you are all having a ball! So very jealous, but "my time will come" as you say. Just a slight bruise obtained by Dad...cannot have been that nice. All is swell in Melbourne, not as warm as what it looks over their. Kepping eating safe :) x