Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cu Chi tunnels

Ve was back on duty this morning to guide us to Cu Chi tunnels, about 1 1/2 hours drive northwest of HCMC. A million more scooters spotted on that trip. Travelled through the suburbs then into a more rural area. Some rice fields, plenty of rest areas roadside, which may consist of a few chairs, a hammock or two and a drink available. Ve says people use these to rest after riding their scooters to rest their backs and behinds.
Plenty of big, new homes on the way. Must be some wealth about.
The tunnels were fascinating, made for very small people! Incredible network covering many kilometers. We did clamber through a short section, crouched over. There are some advantages in being short, but still an unnerving experience being in such a confined space with no where to go, but forward. The short tunnel was long enough (about 30 metres). Living in these conditions would have been an incredible hardship. A testament to courage and survival.
Afternoon spent wandering, resting and a rooftop swim.
Off to a recommended place for dinner by Ve. Barbecue garden. Very popular with locals and tourists. Fantastic food. Little BBQ plates on each table and you cook the food there. Great fun and atmosphere.
Heading for overnight stay on the Mekong Delta tonight.

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  1. Loving the updates and photos. Very envious. It was very sad news about the death of Thomasina.... what a tragedy after all those operations. It looks like you are having a ball. I have Mum and dad here at present so not golfing.