Monday, October 29, 2012

The rain stopped in Hanoi

Once we got outside this morning, the rain had gone. Not as much as was predicted here although coastal areas were still very wet.
We went and booked our seats for the water puppet theatre. Could only get into the 2.15 show, but that suited.
Russ and I walked around the lake which is situated right in the heart of the city. A nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Had a cup of tea at a lakeside cafe. In mugs. That was a bonus. The French influence here stretches to the small cups that coffee is consumed from in Europe. The tide is usually out as well.
We decided to do a cyclo trip around the city. Negotiated the price for 2 in one cyclo. Poor fellow was only a little guy. Had his work cut out with the two of us. He got us going with a push start, then it was no problem. Despite being in pretty heavy traffic, it was very relaxing. We weren't having to worry about the traffic. That was his job. We just took in the sights. Spotted another wedding while on the cyclo. While traveling around, we spotted some shops that we wanted to go back to. Took a while of wandering later on to find the street again, but eventually found the one we wanted.
The water puppet show was very entertaining. Cleverly done. It was good at the end as they showed you how it was done. We all thought the puppeteers had scuba gear on. Fooled. Puppets were on very long sticks.
A little more shopping later on before drinks on the Mozzies balcony. Good view tonight as the weather is fine.
Dinner was at Gecko. Good food, cheap drinks, both Vietnamese and western menu. Russ chose pizza tonight, just for a change. But he did use the chopsticks to eat it! Fine effort.
Good news is that we should be fine at Halong Bay. Leave at 8 in the morning and back on Thursday afternoon, so will be out of range for a few days.
Catch up on Thursday night.

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  1. What a fabulous trip you have had. Have loved reading about your adventures. Make me even more excited to be going in may.