Monday, September 8, 2014

Another day, another country

Farewell to Spain, hello Italy.
We caught a taxi to Catalayna Place to catch the Aerobus.  Being a Sunday morning, it was pretty quiet, but the taxi driver made sure he was going to get nearly every red light.  He was making sure it was a €10 trip. 
Bus to the airport was good, had to wait ages again for Vueling check in, but the plane was only 15 mins late leaving.  The pilot made up time and we still arrived into Florence at 2.10pm.  We exited the plane on external stairs to get into the airport bus to take us to the terminal.  It took about 10 mins for everybody to get off the plane to fill the 2 buses.  It got pretty hot in the bus too.
Eventually the bus took off and we went a whole 40 metres max.  Stunned to say the least.  This is taking health and safety to the max.  They could have put out some orange cones and tape for us to walk this distance in about 30 seconds.  Unbelievable.

We caught the Air shuttle into town to be dropped off at the railway station.  Our hotel, the Atlantic Palace is less than 100 metres from the station.  Great location. A great room.  We feel like we have the penthouse.  Ours is one of two in this hotel that has a balcony.  The balcony is bigger than our room in London.  Nikkol brought our bags up and showed us everything in the room.  He did get a tip!

After a rest, we wandered around the corner to the Piazzas.  People everywhere, food, wine, churches, shops, markets, leather products, another city buzzing. 
We grabbed an early dinner (6.30!) , bruschetta, canapés and pasta.  Followed this with a glass of wine on our balcony taking in the sounds, smells and serenity of Florence.

Til tomorrow.  Ciao.

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