Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another day in Barcelona

Last night before dinner, we strolled down to the end of Rambla del Poblenou, to the beach.  It was not a long walk, only 5 mins.  It was a little cooler, but pleasant.  Lots of joggers and bikes about.  

Plenty of people just out and about.  
We also walked up the nearby local shopping strip.  Quite pretty.

For dinner, we went for a few tapas and the seafood paella.  Very nice, along with the sangria.  

The lights in Rambla Del Poblenou came on about 8.15.

This morning we trained to Montjuic, which is the high point of the city.  (171m above sea level). We know that because Gaudi's unfinished tower will be 170m high.  He didn't want it to be higher than natures nearest point to God!
Two trains, then a funicular railway up the steepest part.  As the train's interior is built at an angle to the train, you hardly notice you are going up a steep ascent.

We chose to take the cable car up to the top to the Castle, which dates back to the late 1600s.  You certainly get great views of Barcelona.  

To one side of the Castle, there is the relocated, purposely built, port industrial area, which has room for Cruise liners.

The other side of the Mount, are the Olympic stadiums.

In the distance you can see La Sagrada Familia.  When the main tower is completed, it will be almost this high.  It will dominate the skyline, that is for sure.

The Castle has quite a fortification around it. 

The moat is now a beautiful garden area, with some of it used for other activities like Archery and a children's learner driver course.

The ivy growing on the walls makes a fabulous display.

Great view from every direction.

The Catalonian flag flying proudly.  They are a very proud group, having been repressed for many centuries.  There are pro independence flags hanging from balconies and in shops.  They just might get independence in November.

After returning back on the cable car, we walked a little through Parc Montjuic.
Beautiful water lilies in a variety of colors.  Impressive.

Back into the centre of town.  The heart of Barcelona has the famous Las Ramblas (street with markets and walkway up the middle.  

The top end of the street is Catalunya Place.
Some Gaudi inspired decorative work in the background on the tall building.

The food market was spectacular.  Clean, busy, and an incredible array of food available.  
Seafood all looked great, one or two unfamiliar items as well.

Smells were amazing around the fresh spices.

Far more appealing than the Vietnamese fresh food markets.

Later, it was a wander along various streets, just taking in all the sights.  Getting a little lost at one point, but the maps are a necessity.
Many places close for a few hours during the afternoon in quieter streets.  Down come the roller doors and siesta time.

Back home again for a rest  before we head out for dinner.  It's a tough life!

PS. Shame about Geelong.  Not good enough.  Will probably play North next week (if they win)

Buenos Noches (Good night)

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