Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post Script from Florence

We are sitting on the balcony (whilst I wrote the previous blog).  The town is alive, the sounds of people dining is heard.  Delicious smells surround us from the pizzerias and trattorias.  (Not always that way here as drains sometimes give off a pong.) Our roof top neighbours are doing their nightly thing.  The piano accordion is serenading people at street level (Russell's least favourite musical instrument as we have heard it quite a bit in Barcelona and here.  Often on the trains and subways).  The markets stall holders are packing up their leather bags and coats and Florence trinkets, the sound of tent poles rings out as they pull down their awnings, only to bring it all out again in the morning.
The moon has risen, not quite full but may be tomorrow or the night after.  Looks pretty good from here.
Just thought I would leave you with that image of our evening in you mind.

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