Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our lat day in London

We woke this morning to our first London day of rain.  Not heavy, but just a nuisance most of the time.
So the rain jackets were donned again and we headed off to catch the train into Central London.

Our first stop today, was the the Churchill War Rooms (Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum).  It was a very interesting tour, again the personal audio guide was great.

Down under the rear of Downing Street, these rooms were where the decisions and communications and decoding etc were made during WW 2.  It was also the living quarters of staff when needed.
The life of Winston Churchill (becoming PM in 1940) was also highlighted in the Museum.
The Cabinet Room below

Our Hotel room in London.  (No, that was Churchill's bedroom, although he only slept there 3 times during the war).

After heading back out into the rain, we spotted a crowd near by.  Interested at what was going on, we headed over  to see the Horse Guards heading out for a stroll in their finery.

Shame it was raining as they will have to spend all afternoon cleaning their gear and horses!  They probably have nothing else to do as they are just for ceremonial purposes these days.

Headed down towards the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.  Continued to do the Monopoly game. Nearly completed the lot, just a few we haven't spotted yet.

The Tower of London have a memorial for the WW1 centenary and are selling ceramic poppies, one for each of the 880,000 odd British troops that died.  The last one will be placed in the moat around the Tower on November 11.

We then wandered over the Tower Bridge.  Apartments along the river in converted old warehouses are about £2,000 per week!

The middle point of the bridge.  It doesn't open very often, only a few times a week.

We are of back into town tonight to see another show "Billy Elliot".

Pack the bags tonight to train it out to Gatwick tomorrow to catch our flight to Barcelona.
The weather will be warmer there, although having an air conditioned room will be nice.  Our room here isn't.  The old style hotels (which most of them are) aren't air conditioned.  Hot air rises.  We are on the 2nd floor and have the window open all the time, even at night!  We go from warm to cool all the time.  Today's train ride was really hot too, but cool on others!
Bye from England.

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