Friday, September 12, 2014

Cinque Terre from the sea.

Today we caught the ferry for a view from the sea.  During the night we werent so sure that was going to happen as there was another thunderstorm and rain.  However, by morning it was all gone and the day was fine.  This is our only accommodation that does not supply breakfast so it is off down the hill for breakfast.  Then back up the hill to get ready for our day.  It was a little cool as the sun has to come up over the high peaks at the back of the village.  This stretch of coastline is on the Eastern part of the Italian riviera. Off back down the hill to catch the 9.20 am ferry.

The ferry stopped at Manarola, 


and Monterosso, which is where we got off.  The other town, Corniglia, doesn't have a suitable harbour for the ferry.

Monterosso is the largest of the towns, divided by a ridge to the beach so there are two parts to the town.  It is also less steep which makes it more attractive to lesser abled or children etc.  It is also accessible by vehicle all the way down to beach level.  

Our town's main street is accessible to vehicle, but it really is only for commercial purposes or emergency services.  There are many high parts which are only for walkers and mountain goats!
Monterosso is very popular because it has the beaches as well.  
Not quite Australian sandy beaches, but this is the Meditteranean!  The water colour is spectacular. 

There are parts of the beaches you can pay for where you get security, an umbrella and a deck chair or lounge.
We did a walk up a mountain goat track.  It got the heart rate up that is for sure.  We didn't go too far
as you have to be so busy watching your footings that you don't take in the surroundings.

The selfies aren't getting much better.

As usual, we managed to find some delights for morning tea (almost lunch time really and we had burned off some energy with the climb).
But it was really all about the view from this spot.

Maddie, this shot is for you. The entire Monterosso Police vehicle fleet.  The bike too.

We caught the 12 o'clock ferry which was stopping all ports, but we continued onto Portovenre which is about 1/2 hour ferry from Rio Maggiore.  Some photos from the ferry show some rugged terrain and remote houses.

The tunnels for the train go right through the mountains, almost at sea level.

This one is truly remote.  A steep walking track only.

Below shows one of the paths.  Rio Maggorie to Manarola.  Unfortunately there have land slips and this path is closed for repairs.  The other from Manarola to Corniglia is also closed for the same reason.  The mountain goat routes are open, but they take some effort and time.

Portovenre has a spectacular harbour with a temple on the promontory.  It makes a grand entrance to the harbour.  Apparently Lord Byron used this place as a stimulus for his poetry writing.

Behind the row of houses, below, a narrow stree of shops, cafés and doors which lead the front of the houses.

A slightly more wealthy town than those making up the Cinque Terre.  It is leads around to La Spezia which is a more "normal" town than here.

Ferry ride back to Rio Maggorie for a dinner by the water in the town's best waterfront view.  Didn't have the camera though!  It was a reservation required place , prices reasonable, food good but service a bit ordinary (Russell had finished his starter before I got mine.)
Hope you enjoyed the photos.  More tomorrow.

PS.  Shame about Geelong but good on North.  Michael kept us updated with  quarter by quarter scores.  He said it was a good game, close enough to make it exciting and nerve racking for North supporters.  We will be home to see North next week.  (Hopefully win!)

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