Thursday, September 18, 2014

Farewell Europe, homeward bound

Our last day has began and it will be a long one.  We caught the bus at 9.45 back to Como, it was an uneventful ride, even enjoyable to take in the view.  We stored our luggage and sorted our train tickets to get to the airport.  The best way is to go to the other train station about 1km away, but they don't have luggage storage facilities.  
We walked into the centre part of town and onto the Funicular railway.  This was up a very steep incline.  Glad we weren't walking it.  There is the option to walk down, but that was never going to be our choice.  There were great views back down to town.
Also some nice views of houses in this village called Brunate.  There were more climbs up pathways rather than steps though which was more comfortable.  Even found Nicola Street.
Back down the railway after some lunch and wandered around town, just killing time.
Collected our luggage and walked to the other station.  It was either down hill, or along fairly smooth footpaths so it wasn't too bad.  We had the time to take it easy.
We had two trains to get to the airport, no stairs involved with the first change and a lift at the second one for one part.  A flight of stairs to contend with to get up to the platform as that lift wasn't working!
Finally at Malpensa Airport (Milan) waiting for our 10.20pm flight.  Stopover in Dubai again and then Singapore.
We have had a great time, but pretty tired now.  Have done so much in 5 weeks.  I'm glad I have done the blog.  It will remind us what we have done.  I haven't put up any photos today as there is only limited wifi available.

I will do 1 more final page of odds and sods, photos that may be a bit quirky, or of interest to a particular person.  Look out for that over the next few days.  May be even a day or two after we are home depending on wifi.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.  Hope it was an interesting read.  Cheers til next time.

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