Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our last day on the Cinque Terre

A very peaceful night last night, no storms, no wind, even the crowds in the street were quieter.  Perhaps we were just exhausted and slept well.
Back on the train this morning to visit the two towns we had visited yet.
The first one was Corniglia (the middle town).  It isn't accessible by boat, as it is perched up on top of a ridge. 

A walk along side the railway line.

Then up 365 steps to reach the town. (That's what the sign said.  I didn't count them).

Once again, great views, beautiful weather helps.  May not be so great when raining or cloudy.

The view are much the same. Pretty.

Can you spot the worker?  Tough walk to get there.

Narrow streets.  This town is a little quieter than the others, perhaps because of the steps, although you could pay €2 to catch the bus up.

The next stop was Vernazza.  This was much busier.  It is more like Monterosso, less steep, more accessible by car and more water access.  All 5 towns would be nothing if it wasn't for the tourists.  They make small amounts of wine, but there is nothing else to keep them going.  Just well there are thousands and thousands of tourists everyday.

Very pretty spot.  

Plenty of small water craft in this harbour.  Plenty of people were using the water taxi service to get to Monterosso.  The trains are good, but very crowded and perhaps not as regular as we had expected.
There are regional trains as well as goods, and fast trains using the line.  The timetable can be a little confusing (and not well signed) and there are always people wandering on the platform trying to work out timetables etc.
The railway line through the mountain with people swimming below.

Grapes are loaded onto this small tray three wheeled vehicle ready for the journey down the hill.

Heading up for a better view.  More steps! 

The view was worth it.  Russell's quote for the day.  "A view worth dying for". We were standing in the cemetery!  I hope they use one of those little trucks to cart up the casket.  Hard work otherwise for the pall bearers.

There is no alternative for the washing.  Hang it out your window, no matter how many people are walking by.  The lines are a pulley system.  Peg it on and pull it along.

The view from the railway station.

On to Monterosso where we spent the afternoon swimming again.  Weather has been great here.
On arrival back to Rio Maggorie, we passed the Church.  A wedding was in progress.  A little while later the Church bells started ringing.  The bell gongs every half hour, all day and night. Just once on the half hour, but hourly, it gongs for each hour.  That's right, at midnight it gongs 12 times.  At 3am it is 3 times etc, but for some reason, at 7 am it gongs 14 times!  After a while, you don't even notice it.
When the wedding was leaving the Church it was really ringing.  I was on the balcony and could see the bells.  They were really swinging.  It went on for ages.

Tomorrow is another day of travel as we reach our last location on Lake Como.  

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