Monday, August 22, 2016

A family day in London

While waiting for Nicola, we had a drink in the pub across the road from our hotel. It is the oldest licensed pub in London.

It was wonderful to greet Nicola last night. She was delighted to see us (tears of joy -it's nice to be loved).  She had a fantastic time, so pressure is on us to make her last week away, a little exciting.
We started the day off with brekkie at Pret Manger (a French inspired bakery, they are everywhere here), followed by a chat with Michael, who had arrived in Munich  (for work) at 6.30am this morning. He ran into my cousin (Heather and Anthony) at Melbourne Airport. They were heading overseas yesterday as well.  Have a great holiday Heather and Anthony.
At 11, we started a Fat Tires Bike ride around London.  We did this 2 years ago, but Nicola hadn't.  
It was really enjoyable and informative, taking in sights like Kensington Palace and Gardens, Hyde Park,
Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Riding past Buckingham Palace, we were confronted with masses of people.  We were there for the changing of the Guards.  Whilst we didn't see the actual change (you have to be there very early to see it these days) the procession passed right past us. Timing is everything.
As the Royal roads are closed on Sundays, we didn't have to deal with much traffic, except getting to Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross.  
A quirky traffic light.  Note the button to press. It's for horse riders.  Up a bit higher than usual so they don't have to dismount. Lots of Royal/Military horses about!
Crowds everywhere, not to mention double decker buses.  We saw hundreds of them today.
We wandered into St Pauls Cathedral late in the day, no sightseeing as there was an choral recital in progress, but we were able to sit and listen, and take in the sights and sounds.
This evening, we went to the London Eye.  Thanks Wendy, for the suggestion of doing a night journey.  

Off to Bath tomorrow, back in London on Friday.
Cheers for now.


  1. Hi Russ, Leanne and Nicole,

    Looks absolutely fantastic especially the night from the eye. All the iconic landmarks that we have seen so often on television. I bet they are much better in real life. Looks like the holiday has started with a great time . H