Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday - Back to London

Today was a day of travel, from Bath to London. More of those narrow roads, plenty of traffic about today as it is the start of a long weekend (Bank holiday on Monday). We left about 10 and thought we would stop at Windsor before making our way to London. Everybody else thought that was a good idea too as it was chaotic.  We spent 20 mins driving around 1 car park alone!  After wasting about an hour, we got out of Windsor (we did see Windsor Castle as we were stopped beside it for 10 mins whilst we dealt with traffic chaos (partly because of fire trucks).
Back onto the M4 and a service stop had to suffice for lunch instead of lunch on the banks of the Thames!
Eventually made our way back to the car hire drop off.  Thank goodness for that gps!
Backpacks back on (no Cam, we won't be hiking with you.  We have left our run too late).
Our nearest Underground station didn't take us to directly to our destination so a change of trains was required. One escalator was not working so had to walk down about 75 steps. Glad that we had the backpacks then, rather than the suitcases.
It was a warm day in London today, so by the time we got to our hotel, 250m from Kings Cross St Pancras station, we had worked up a sweat.
Nicola went out to catch up with a former housemate, Sarah, for a cuppa while we went for a walk around the block.
We have been out to a trendy courtyard surrounded by Spanish bars for farewell drinks and tapas with Nicola.  A great week together, although she is probably sick of us!
She heads home tomorrow and we catch the train to Paris to begin our bike and barge tour.
Looking forward to the slower pace of bike riding.
Bye for now

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  1. Sounds like you had a workout today. Sue would be proud. Keep you in shape for the bike trip.
    Safe trip home Nicola.