Monday, August 29, 2016

Tour de Loire Valley begins - Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday was a big day. We met the bus in Paris at 3.30 and it was a 3  1/4 hr bus ride to meet our barge at Coures Le Barres

This is home for the next week. We were greeted by our hosts, Stefan (the pilot) and his wife, Florence.  
After  pre dinner drinks, a lovely meal on the banks of the Loire River.  We dined outside, not just for ambience, which was great, but it had been a very hot day and the dining area was very hot! (36oC)
It was a hot night onboard.. Window open and the fan blowing all night.  We have the luxury room (?). A double bed with a bunk above.  The others have just bunk beds.  Ensuite as well. Compact, but adequate.
The view above from my bed as I write (sorry about the bra, drying from a day of sweating)
We headed off on our ride this morning, with our first stop about 7 km at Fourchamblaut.  A local market to wander through.  Some amazing food on offer.  

We bought a baguette filled with blue cheese. Devine!  
Our next stop was the town of Nevers for lunch. A spectacular church a feature.

Back on the bikes to the village of Aperoment.  A magnificent castle and historic town, not to mention nice ice creams.  After 40kms and another 12 to go, we deserved it.

It was a welcome sight to see our barge at the end of the day and relax for the evening

We are a small group of 11.  A couple from Canada, (50s), a couple from USA (60s) a couple from Germany (50s), 2 women from Germany (40-50s?) and a woman from Italy (20s)

I'm exhausted so more tomorrow. 

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  1. As always amazing scenery Leanne but certainly looks like you were feeling every pedal. Much more physical than what we are doing. Way too much red wine!!! Enjoy Helen