Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday -Off to Bath

Today we headed off to Bath.  So with backpacks on our backs, we set off. Nicola's is heavier than ours after 6 weeks of travel and shopping.  Our Travelodge hotel was in Drury Lane, Covent Garden. Great location and about 5 minute walk from Holborn Tube station.  Stopped for brekkie on the way. We then had to catch a train to Marble Arch (5stops) to pick up our car.  Holborn station began maintenance work today so when we arrived at 9.45, we couldn't enter until 10. So we stood around with backpacks on until we they were ready. We let the first train go as their was no room for us with packs on. The next one was only a few minutes later. Just enough room. Wearing backpacks in crowds needs some spatial awareness.  It is very easy to give someone the heave ho!  Didn't happen, but close a few times! It is also a new experience for us wearing full backpacks.  Nicola is an old hand at it.  Carrying an extra14kgs on your back is an incentive not to put on too much weight whilst on holiday! It was nice to collect our car.

Our car is a Nissan Juke.  A smallish car, but fine for us with back packs.  May have been an issue with suitcases.  It does have a very good gps (once we worked it out). I wisely let Nicola sit in the front to deal with the gps. She is much better with that sort of thing.

We stopped at a motorway service centre for a cuppa.  It was huge.  All sorts of food and other shops, even poker machines!  Very busy. A long queue for the ladies loos, even Russell had to queue for nearly as long as we did.

Back to the car, get in, Russell pushes the button to start, the power comes on but the engine won't start.  Tried various things. No luck.  Let's get the car manual out.  No, there isn't one.  Ok, Google "How to start a Nissan Juke?"  Apparently you need your foot on the brake for the car to start! (Did it by accident the first time)

A pleasant drive to Bath, which we just drove through as parking is pretty difficult at this busy time of year.  On to Marksbury, (5 mile from Bath) to our home for 4 nights Lowerchurch farmhouse.  Our host, Caroline, greeted us and showed us around.  This place is spectacular, a 17th century house that has been beautifully renovated.  The photos give you an idea.  

The building on the left (below) is another holiday rental.  The building on the right is the owners' office.

We occupy the left half of this semi detached house. The owners parents live in the right hand side.
The owners live next door. All the houses in the village are like this.

We headed off to a local pub for dinner.  It would be walking distance, but half of the journey does not have suitable walking paths or even verges on the road, so we drove it. It was also a very busy road. 
Nice meal, plenty of space, quiet compared to London. Very enjoyable evening. 


  1. Your accommodation looks beautiful - like something straight out of "Escape to the Country". Certainly having the English Experience!!!
    Enjoy wish we were there.

    1. We do feel like we are in the country, very rural and old England. Would love it if you were here too. Though, not sure you would cope. Nicola hasn't had a decent coffee in 6 weeks! Tea is really good though👍

    2. Back packing, might get the Robbo's on a hike yet. Great to read your blog and enjoying the pic's, have a great trip.

    3. Back packing, might get the Robbo's on a hike yet. Great to read your blog and enjoying the pic's, have a great trip.