Sunday, August 21, 2016

Almost there. Yes we are here.

I am writing this with 1 hour before landing in London.  Ground temperature is 20oC. It is 32 hrs since we left Bendigo.  (We had a couple of hours visiting family in Melbourne).   The flight has been pretty good, just a little turbulence now and then.  This plane is the A380, the first leg 777-300. The A380 is much more comfortable and quieter. (Although a few kids on this leg.  They have been pretty good though). 
There was a medical emergency on board, a doctor/nurse was called from the passenger list. Lucky you weren't on this flight Nicola. The person wasn't seated far from us, so it was a hive of activity for about an hour. He was put on oxygen.  Much discussion was had about his condition.  I thought they were going to call for a medical diversion at on point.  Bucharest would have been the nearest airport.  That was avoided, fortunately, although he has been under constant watch by the doctor/nurse.  I'm sure an ambulance will be ready for him at Heathrow.
Hopefully our time at Heathrow will short.  Sick of airports at this point!

I continue now from our hotel room with feet up and a real cup of tea.  Really sick of airports now.  We arrived earlier than expected which was good, but nobody could get off until paramedics dealt with the unwell passenger. That wasn't too long, but we stood waiting in line at immigration for an hour!  Border Force are very serious about who they let in!
We spoke to Nicola a short while ago, who was looking at the White Cliffs of Dover as their ferry neared England.  So our catch up will be in a few hours time.
Bye for now from some weary travellers.

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  1. Wow and I was whingeing about having to sit in the car for 15 hours - at least I could stop and get out!!! Lucky you didn't get diverted.
    Have a wonderful holiday and I hope that the last medical emergency you have to worry about. H