Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tour de Loire Valley - Tuesday

The day began with the promise of a big hill to start and a few small hills to finish the day.  Well, the big turned out to be a "sooty munter  of a grunter" (Janet's expression).  We started at about 40m above sea level and finished at 318m. It was a 5 km climb to the top which took us 35 mins.  Here is the bottom of the hill.  I think you can see where we are heading!  To the high point.
Nearly at the top, pretty view of vineyards.
Now we have made it.
The town of Sancerre has the most spectacular view around the Loire Valley. The Loire River is in the above picture.
It is a mostly tourist town, but still many people living here.  Gorgeous old streets.

A nice Boulanger with Devine chocolate eclairs

150 steps up the Chateau Tower gave the most spectacular view across the valley. The only blight was the nuclear power station in the distance.  We later rode quite near this.
What goes up must come down, so 5 kms down hill. Jan checked the bike brakes before we headed off as they got some work on the way down.  An exhilarating ride.
Off to our next stop which was lunch in Cosne.
We then rode on with a quick stop at the Fromagerie to purchase some goats cheese, beautiful.
From there, our journey back to the boat was via bike paths and some rural roads.  Below in the distance, are two Nuclear Power plant towers.  80% of France's power comes from Nuclear sources!
Our last stretch of riding was 11kms.  Jan said there were 3 hills. I think he forgot about 10 of them. It was a little challenging at the end of the day. 52kms in total.  Back to the boat about 4pm.  We weren't done yet.  Optional extras. Canoeing or Ultralight flight.   Canoeing 7kms down the Loire River was just stunning.  Except we did start at the foot of those Nuclear towers!
An exhausting day, but it was fabulous. 2 Americans chose the Ultraflight.  Great to watch them take off but no way!  Not for me.  Sorry Nicola, not as game as you.
Our day has ended with dinner on the deck in the twilight.  Such a wonderful journey.
A short day tomorrow. Only 35kms.

Bye for now

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  1. (Giggling) a sootie grunter huh! you would think the road engineer would just stay on the flat and bypass the town aye! Great photos the scenery is beautiful.