Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday -Bath

A quirky note I forgot about last time. 
While at dinner at the pub, the waiter was about to take our order, when a medium sized dog sprints through the dining area, up onto the bench lounge next to us, across the lap of the lady at the adjacent table, and back to the calls from his owner, who had been in the bar with the dog.  The dog must have got bored and decided to explore when someone opened the door.  The waiter just looked and said "I wasn't expecting that". 
Speaking of dogs, our hosts (or their parents) have dogs. Here is one of them.

He/she is huge and still a pup!  The other one is just as big! A St Bernard of some sort.

Today we drove to the outskirts of Bath for the park and ride service.  Free parking with a bus service every 10 mins into Bath central. £3.30 return.
It's a world heritage listed town with very strict planning and heritage control. Incredibly beautiful, not to mention, an old town.  We did a free "Mayor's walking tour. 2 1/2 hour walk around all the major sights with a very informative commentary from a local who had been doing these tours for 42 years!  
Bath Abbey

Puletney Bridge
The Circle (a circle of houses , 5 levels, 2 are below ground level)

The Royal Circuit
A typical street

Lunch followed at The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe.  Very old English.

Afterwards we went through the Roman Baths.  Quite fascinating. Heated thermal water still comes from the below.  Temperature is 46oC. Pretty hot. 

The Brazilians in Rio obviously took some inspiration from Bath, using green water in their diving pool!
Later on, it was a visit to the Jane Austen Centre. She spent a few years here in Bath and wrote some of her famous books here in the early 1800's. Nicola tried out writing with the feathered quill.
Afternoon tea upstairs. Russell did have the famous Bath Bun.
Next week, Bath hosts Stage 6 of The Tour of Britian bike race.  Lots of businesses and the public have decorated bikes.  The Council are fully supporting it too.

It was a warm day here today, about 26oC.  Very warm by English standards.  Very few places have air conditioning, but our house was very nice when we returned. Solid stone walls make for good insulation.
Petrol price £1.14 (about double what we pay at home)!

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  1. Hi Leanne, looks fantastic and a bit warmer than where we are. Keep up the great photos. H