Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wednesday - Out and about the country side.

Our hosts other dog. Just as big as the other one.  Much more friendly. We walk through the gate at the back to get to our car. This one always comes over for a pat.

Today, we went for a drive to the beach, 29 mile west of here, through lots of small villages and along some narrow roads. It was not always the most relaxed driving as the passing cars were quite close and so was the thick hedge on the left side.

Most of the cars out here are small cars. Given the width of the country roads, that is quite understandable. The car parking spots seem smaller as well!  Many houses don't have parking spots either. The price of petrol may be another reason for small cars £1.13 pl. That's double our price at home

The beach, Weston Super Mare, was very busy.  Plenty of people dipping their toes.  About 20oC.
Not quite warm enough for us.  It didn't really look that inviting either. Not exactly Torquay or Ocean Grove

There were all sorts of attractions on the beach, carnival rides, donkey rides
And a sand sculpture exhibition

We continued our journey on to Bristol, where we wisely chose the Park and ride option again. This was off peak, so it only cost £4 in total.  Bristol has an eclectic array of buildings.  Obviously the strict planning rules of Bath have not been applied to Bristol.  
St Nicholas Market was quite unusual.  Inside the building were lots of very small stalls with wooden doors. Quite old. All sorts of food stalls as well as just about anything else for sale.  Our fish and chips by the water were very nice, but had we known about this market, I'm sure we would have had lunch here.  Bristol is much more multicultural than Bath, so the food smells were amazing.

Fortunately our car has a very good gps, otherwise we would still be out there. A lot of traffic about, and lots of different roads. Nicola is chief gps operater and has done a good job.

Tomorrow we are off to Stonehenge and whatever takes our eye. 

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  1. Hi everyone, its wonderful to see the ever changing landscapes. Must have been cold if you guys wouldn't dip the toes in the water.
    Enjoying the news - keep the photos coming.